#SOMOS – #ChangeTheNarrative

Kurma Murrain

Kurma is an AFRO LATINA, a poet, a dancer, and a woman that works with passion for what she wants!

She moved to the United States from Colombia 15 years ago and she lived in China for one year. She loves to share stories about how a foreigner deals with “simple” issues in a foreign land, especially when one doesn’t speak the language and/ or look anything like the natives.


Kurma graduated from la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Her works include the books, “Esta Soy”, “In the Prism of Your Soul”, and “Café, Amor y el Sueño Americano”, stories and poetry about her life experiences living in other countries.


Kurma is an active member of the LACCC, loves to work with the community, and volunteers to help many organizations in her free time.


Erlan Martinez

Erlan is a LATINO entrepreneur, philanthropist, and outgoing member of our community!

He was born and raised in Honduras. His family decided to move to the US in 2012 to pursue “The American Dream” and create a better future for the next generations.


Erlan graduated from Appalachian State University with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Business Marketing. He decided to move to Charlotte, NC in pursuit of achieving his entrepreneurial goals. His business journey started in 2016 when he opened his own digital media marketing agency and now he performs in the marketing space as a business developer with PROforma Think Ink.


Erlan successfully pivoted his business, while also helping towns affected by hurricanes in Honduras. He’s an active LACCC Member and we are proud of having him as part of the LACCC Board of Directors.


Sylvia Oben

Sylvia is a LATIN AMERICAN multimedia reporter, fun & friendly nature lover, philanthropist, and loves to inform our Latino community about what is happening in our city, especially in Spanish!

She was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Charlotte in 2018 to work as a journalist in Telemundo Charlotte.


Sylvia graduated from Purdue University with a major in Communications and has a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Columbia College Chicago. Throughout her career she has worked with “La Raza” in Chicago, and “Mundo Hispánico” in Texas, covering different topics like the hurricanes Harvey and Michael, the immigration crisis on the border, the elections 2020, and recently the COVID19 pandemic. She has won some awards for her journalistic and pro-immigrant investigative work.


Sylvia went through hard times to get her Master’s Degree in Journalism but now she uses it to make people’s lives better. She actively informs the community about the LACCC Events and Programs and we love to work with her.