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Dear Members


As we close out 2021 and prepare for 2022, the Latin American Chamber of Commerce or Charlotte- Staff, Board of Directors, and President/ CEO would like to say Thank you! Thank you for believing in the power of social capital, thank you for helping elevate the contribution that our business community makes to the economy, thank you for choosing to be part of a community that celebrates its traditions but is consistently in growth mode.


2021, has been a year of many changes. These changes have been necessary to futureproof the chamber, our members, and our business community for the 21st century. We are launching three big initiatives in 2022 that will prove to prosperity to our members.


·      Our Entrepreneurial Hub will be available for our members to learn about growing their business, no matter what stage they are in. It will also serve as a hub for business owners to collaborate, share ideas and create a mindset of abundance and success! The LACCC is committed to empowering and growing our members, their business and creating economic development in our great city of Charlotte.


·      Shop La Plaza will create a space for our members to showcase their services and products, bring visibility to their business, and for the community to learn about our diverse business community. It will also serve as a place to learn how to stay market your services and products in a digital marketplace. The LACCC is committed to promoting and elevating this platform and to educating our members on how to increase profits and their brand. The LACCC is committed to futureproofing our members and their business.

·      Cultivating Talent Pipeline will source college students and high school students and prepare them for the workplace. Through soft skills courses, networking opportunities, personality, and leadership assessments, and opportunities to be mentored by our community. It will serve as a space to build our young professionals and build our social capital. The LACCC is committed to mentoring, inspiring, and creating workforce development in our great city of Charlotte.


Your Membership dues in 2022 will be supporting a vision that includes an entire community and that will help change the landscape of our city. Additionally, your membership will include a job board, members’ directory visible to all, networking events, promotion of your business, mentorship opportunities, and access to all our new initiatives.


So, what do you say? Are you with us? Join the Chamber! Join the movement!


Gris Bailey
LACCC President & CEO

LACCC Membership Benefits

  • Listing of Organization in LACCC Membership Directory
  • Link in Organization Website
  • Weekly electronic updates and opportunity for event registration/participation
  • Discount for Room Rental
  • Opportunity to Sponsor LACCC events and programs
  • Free app download “MemberPlus”
  • Discounts in all LACCC’s Programs, Platform & Events such as:
    • Networking Events, Mentoring & Access, Retooling, English & Acculturation and
    • Leadership, Development Seminars & Workshops (Spanish & English)