Resources for the Community, Businesses, and Organizations

Continuing education is the minimum requirement for success in businesses. Participate in our educational programs, or register to our Entrepreneurial Hub, and take your business to the next level.

Educational Programs

In 2013, LACCC launched the Latino Leadership Development Institute (LLDI) to provide in-depth, ongoing educational programs to professionals, entrepreneurs and youth in our community. Through the years the programs have evolved to meet the needs of the community. In 2020 the LACCC created a 501 (c)3 LACC- Institute to host our educational programs

Some Latino entrepreneurs plan on involving their children in their family business and it is their family legacy. Our youth programs offer an opportunity for the students to explore their entrepreneurial mindset and prepares them to identify their passion and goals.


Entrepreneurial Hub

This initiative is a driver of economic mobility/development and supplier diversity. The goal of the program is equip business owners with the tools and knowledge to run a business that operates without them, and to tap into resources that will help grow their business in the region. The New Hub will operate year-round, creating a pipeline of entrepreneurs in the 1. early phases (Planting Seeds phase)2, cultivating business owners by helping them grow and stabilize their business (Professionalizing phase) and 3. helping well established business owners to scale their business to different markets, territories and or ventures (Scaling phase). Each cohort will end with a 90-day action plan and metrics for participants to track results. Each member will be eligible for a $1,000 stipend upon successful completion of each cohort. This program is free to members, thanks to our partnership with Wells Fargo.

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Cultivating Talent

This New initiative is aimed at increasing economic mobility and workforce development. The outcomes will be the development of diverse talent, creation of a social safety net for Latinx youth and ultimately building social capital in our community. Cohorts will run once a quarter and will end with an annual scouting session where corporations may network with the talent we have in the pipeline. This program will run once per quarter and it is free to any High school or College Senior, Thanks to our partnership with Atrium Health, Truist Foundation, and the support of Food Lion, Lowe's, Brighthouse Financial, and Common Wealth Charlotte.

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Leading Up is a leadership development program designed for developing the leadership capacity of Latin American leaders in Charlotte. LEADING UP (Leadership, Education, Alignment, and Developing - Upward Potential) focuses on addressing leadership development skills that help to close the gaps that employers face when developing Latinos who are in leadership roles. These emerging leaders maybe transitioning through Maslow’ Hierarchy of Needs from security to belonging as well as still developing their English language and acculturation in the United States workplace. The program is designed to build social capacity by engaging U.S. born and foreign-born Latinos to learn from each other and learn how to lead in a multi-cultural work environment. The program has been running for 10 years with more than 120 graduates. Every year the LACCC seeks the support of local partnerships to continue to build leadership through this pipeline.


La Cámara de Comercio Hispana de los Estados Unidos (United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, USHCC) y Wells Fargo se enorgullecen de invitarlos al Programa Acelerador de Pequeños Negocios Avanzar. Avanzar es una aceleradora de empresas de 8 sesiones diseñada para pequeños negocios hispanos que estén listos para crecer y llevar a sus negocios al siguiente nivel! Cada emprendedor latino participara en cursos que le ayudarán a desarrollar estrategias de negocios, analizar planes financieros, optimizar operaciones, aprovechar las redes sociales & comercio electrónico, prepararse para obtener acceso a capital y más.

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