Jossie Rivera Cruz
Managing Partner
Cano Rivera Law

“Last year I had the opportunity to participate in the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte Small Business Expo. I had just started my journey as a solo practitioner one month before the event took place. The LACCC was extremely supportive and helpful and found a sponsor for me to have a booth at the Expo and promote my new small business. During the event, I was able to network with other business owners and found two new clients. In addition, I met the persons in charge of a local radio station and ended up having my own radio show about Immigration Law. Today I am one of the Managing Partners of Cano Rivera Law, an Immigration Law Firm, and we cannot wait to be present in this year’s LACCC’s Small Business Expo and connect with our community.”
LACCC Member

Manolo Betancur
Owner & President
Manolo’s Bakery

“In 2011, I heard about the LACCC and everything they do to for small businesses. In 2018, I am an Alumni of the LACCC seminars & educational programs and business has grown by 30%, and annual sales went from $300K in 2011 to 1.2M.”
LACCC Member

Julio Porven
Membership Development Representative
Sharonview Federal Credit Union

“I have been a member of the Charlotte Latin American Chamber on an off since 2005. I have worked at different companies and have always asked for those companies to join the chamber. I try to attend a variety of events but mostly the luncheons. It is always great to hear a guest that I bring to the luncheons be amazed at the level of professionalism and the quality of the guest speakers. It is a testament to the hard work the chamber puts in to make certain perceptions be dismissed. The question I get the most is always do I need to speak Spanish to attend an event. Once someone attends they will understand the great diversity that exists and the great work the chamber promotes. Thank you for all your hard work I look forward to seeing you at another event.”
LACCC Member since 2005

Juan Sosa
Independent Agent

“My partner Jose and I were looking for an opportunity to connect and get more involved with the Latino community in order to serve it better. We came across the opportunity to learn more about the LACC and we wanted to attend an event to see it. We attended a Cafe pastel and we knew we were in the right place! All the members and guest were very friendly and generous to help anyway they could. We attended two more events and then join the organization. In the last month we have met spectacular people that have helped both in our business and personal life; I have found a great chiropractor, Janette Ramirez, who is also a member of the Latin American chamber. We are very excited to be part of the organization and looking forward to contributing and help as much as we can!”

LACCC Member

Michael Sass
Catalyst Academy

“Catalyst Academy is a new member in the Latin American Chamber of Commerce and we attended our first function hosted by the Chamber. I have been a member of Chambers of Commerce over the past 20 years in Los Angeles, Baltimore, and the Chicago suburbs. I was also on the Board of Directors for 10 years in a Chicagoland suburb. Executive Director Rocio Gonzalez and Director of Membership and Programs Paula Aquilera have been so great and helpful to us and during this event, they showcased the featured business in such a complete, informative, and effective manner. I do not think I have observed a better showcase opportunity for a member business.”

LACCC Member since 2018

David Miller
Marketing Program Manager
Wells Fargo

“The Latin Chamber allow us to connect with important business owners and provides us opportunities to share Wells Fargo’s resources, insights and knowledge with other businesses to help them be successful.”
LACCC Sustaining Sponsor

Milly Aguilar
Red Rooster Contractors, Inc.

“The contacts, opportunities and tools I have through the LACCC have made me more confident in myself and in the growth and profitability of my company leading to prosperity in my business for the future of my girls.”
LACCC Member since 2011

Mario Mendigaña
Elite Touch Cleaning Services

“What Business Builders represent for small business owners like myself is essential. The motivation, the access, etc. makes a huge difference, so please continue providing the same opportunity to others.”
LACCC Board of Director

Luis Lobo
Executive Vice President
Multicultural Banking Manager

“The Latin American Chamber of Commerce Charlotte is an engaged and interested organization that helps businesses and individuals accomplish the goals of their lives. BB&T is proud to be a member.”     

LACCC Member since 2012