Are You Ready To Move Your Business To The Next Level?

Are You Ready To Move Your Business To The Next Level?

The United States ranks 1st out of 138 countries on providing the best environment for cultivating entrepreneurship (GEDI 2017) and 6% of the adult population owns a business as their main job.

Even so, start a business is tough and failure is around the corner. Roughly 20% of new businesses survive after their 1st year of operation and only one-third make it after their 10th anniversary.

There are many factors to consider when starting a new business, this can be overwhelming and could lead to neglect some areas affecting your business. 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow problems, 42% because there is no market for their product or service, 30% lack of managerial experience, 23% don’t have the right team and 14% fail because they ignore their customers needs.

To have a successful business, it’s important to be surrounded by experts who can help you to build an efficient business model, help you to understand the market and have access to capital that will lead you to growth your business. The LACCC Business Builder Accelerator Program provides Latino small business owners an opportunity to learn techniques and strategies that will help them to accelerate their business growth.

Are you ready to move your business to the next level?

Nationwide Business Builder Program 2018


The Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte will hold the Business Builder Accelerator Program 2018 sponsored by Nationwide to start on Thursday, March 8th at the LACCC Office.

The four Thursday Sessions, which brings together 25 bilingual business owners that have been in business for 0 to 3 years, is designed to give assistance to create and upgrade business plans and engage the students with experts in legal, marketing, finance, retirement planning and supplier diversity.

“What Business Builders Programs represent for small business owners like myself is essential, just the motivation by itself, the access, etc. makes a huge difference, so please continue to give the same opportunity to others.” – said Mario Mendigaña, President of Elite Touch Cleaning Services Inc., about our educational programs.

You, as Mario Mendigaña, can be benefited by the different programs that the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte offers to the Latino business community.

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Author: Fernando Mayoral