How Novant Health’s Growth Increases Contract Opportunities?

How Novant Health’s Growth Increases Contract Opportunities?

The Health Care Industry is in constant evolution, the automation of the industry will bring huge changes to the point where patients will carry apps that could track and submit their tests/processes for wellness checkups and, over time, the industry will be dramatically reduced to virtual offices.

We will notice the evolution of this industry by having more family-friendly facilities with more safe zones, gardening, walking paths, etc. The clinics will change to become more like a one-stop shop for the patient, where someone could receive service from different specialties, get their lab tests results and receive medicines from the drugstore in one place.

On the corporate side, there are going to be real changes by hiring millennials and adapting their different ideas to have more open offices, transparent processes and more creative and free-thinking areas.

Novant Health is ready for this evolution and bases its growth on two areas: fulfill the future need of the patients and the market, and growth in coverage for new developing areas.

but, how this evolution benefits the Latin American business community?

David Park, SVP of Construction & Real Estate Services at Novant Health


When speaking about hospitals one may just think about Doctors, Nurses and patients. The Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte had the opportunity to listen to David Park, SVP of Construction & Real Estate Services at Novant Health, on how a health system can support the areas economic development by purchasing products, offering project contracts and engaging with small businesses.

Novant Health’s mission, “improve the health of our communities, one person at a time”, extends beyond the service they provide to the patients, it also includes the support they provide to the community. Any item you see in a hospital has been provided by a vendor, and any new construction has been done by general contractors and subtractors.

For Novant Health,  diversity and inclusion are very important, that’s why they promote supplier diversity. David Park introduced members of his Supply Diversity Team to connect them with small business owners and show how to be part of Novant Health’s pool of Supply Diversity Vendors.

Mr. Park announced that Novant Health has created partnerships with financial institutions to support small businesses who need access to capital to obtain a vendor contract. If you are a certified minority small business please visit their website and register your company as a vendor HERE.

We were so excited to hear that David Park is also a great supporter of the Latin community as he is the executive sponsor of Novant Health Latino Employ Resources Group (ERG).

Novant Health and AC&M Group

During the event, we also had the opportunity to listen from Duke Energy about their smart investments to improve reliability and prevent outages to recycle coal ash and use cleaner, renewable energy, and above all keep energy affordable now and in the years ahead. Learn more HERE.

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Author: Fernando Mayoral

Rocio Gonzalez, Executive Director at Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte