Our Multicultural Future is Now

Our Multicultural Future is Now

The U.S. is a nation where the minority is rapidly becoming the majority!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. is currently roughly 17% Hispanic, 13% African-American, 5% Asian and almost 78% white. An Statista forecast from 2015 to 2060 predicts that Non-Hispanic whites are estimated to be the only segment to decrease growth in the following years (30% decrease) and Hispanics are the segment with the greatest growth (70% increase).

But this numbers doesn’t reflect the reality about how multicultural the U.S. really is. We will need to take into account multiracial populations, intermarried couples, people living in multi-ethnic areas, and the rapidly decrease of Boomers / increase of Millennials and Post-Millennials, which are 51% multicultural and many are multilingual.

This scenario shows that we are already multicultural!

Our Multicultural Future is Now

Tim Arnette and Carlo Martinez, Manager and Owner of Hawthorne's.

Luis G. Lobo, BB&T EVP Manager Multicultural Banking

The Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte had the opportunity to listen to Luis G. Lobo, BB&T EVP Manager Multicultural Banking, on how this “given reality” modifies their business strategy to help their clients to accomplish their life goals.

Statistics show that the African-American population has more desire to have investment advice, for the Asian population Business formation is a strong goal and Latinos are more home ownership driven.
In fact, Hispanics continue driving the U.S. Homeownership with a 45% marketshare, and in 2016 they accounted for 75% of the net growth in overall U.S. Homeownership.

BB&T also understands the importance to promote Financial knowledge through this digital world. Financial knowledge has shown no correlation to a person’s academic achievements, therefore there are no barriers to educate the population.

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BB&T Team with LACCC Board of Directors

The Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte goal is to offer a sustainable bilingual platform of services to Latino entrepreneurs and professionals to empower them and engage them in the community.

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Author: Fernando Mayoral

Rocio Gonzalez, Executive Director at Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte