Educational Programs

In 2013, LACCC launched the Latino Leadership Development Institute (LLDI) to provide in-depth, ongoing educational programs to the professionals, entrepreneurs and youth in our community. In its inception, the main focus was to support the business community. Once the first Business Builder Accelerator Program was completed, the program alumni saw the need to also focus on not only their professional development, but also their personal development to promote their growth as business owners. At the same time, the corporations voiced their need to offer a leadership program to their emerging Latino leaders. This resulted in the development of the L.E.A.Ding-Up Program curriculum and later on of the Train-The-Trainer program.


Some Latino entrepreneurs plan on involving their children in their family business and it is their family legacy. Our youth programs offer an opportunity for the students to explore their entrepreneurial mindset and prepares them to identify their passion and goals.

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Business Builder Acceleration Program

The Business Builder acceleration program provides Latino small business owners an opportunity to learn techniques and strategies that will help them to accelerate their business growth. The program curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of the start-ups and/or small business owners according to their level and annual revenue. The classes are provided in English or Spanish and offered by subject matter experts. In an effort to assist in the acculturation and immersion of our Latino community, we also invite non-Latino entrepreneurs, thus creating an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion. Join ventures and collaborations are encouraged among the participants. The companies are followed after the completion of the program to continue to support them in their ever changing needs and ensure their sustainability.

L.E.A.Ding – U.P. Program

LACCC Latino Leadership Development Institute “L.E.A.Ding U.P.” (Leadership, Education, Alignment, Developing, Upward Potential) Program is designed to achieve outcomes focused on developing leadership skills and promoting acculturation in the workplace and in the community. In this program, foreign born and US born emerging Latinos discovered their important role in the work place and as an entrepreneur. The participants come from the private, public and non-profit sector and are embedded in local community non-profit organizations to instill a spirit of leadership, mentoring and giving back to the community. The participants’ overall feedback is one of a personal and professional positive impact as well as an inspiration to make a positive change in our region.

Natan Feldman Train-the-Trainer Program

In order to build the capacity and competency for developing bi-cultural and bi-lingual leaders, the Natan Feldman Train-the-Trainer program is designed to develop trainers who have the ability to deliver curriculum for the Latino Leadership Development Institute and Business Builder Accelerator Programs. These trainers are alumni of our L.E.A.Ding-Up Program that have demonstrated a desire to give back to the community and serve as facilitators in our programs.

Youth Entrepreneur Program (Y.E.P.)

This one-week intense business acceleration program is designed for middle and high school students who have demonstrated a competence and interest to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor. This program has been modified to a new one day program in partnership with CMS Communities and Family Partnership Department and other local non-profit organizations that support the Latino youth as well. This new one-day event is called the Latino Youth Education Summit (LYES) which groups 300 CMS Latino descent students to offer them a motivational day full of presentations on leadership, employment readiness, entrepreneurship opportunities with an in-depth focus on their importance in the future of our region.

Past Programs:

Fifth Third Bank Advanced

Business Builder

L.E.A.Ding Up

Nationwide Business Builder Accelerator

Train the Trainer