Art without Walls

Home – Tristan Gonzalez

This work is inspired by my experiences with moving often as a child. This painting is a house that I lived in the longest. I decided to paint this house because of the memories that I created there, that I, unfortunately, had to leave behind after moving to a new state.

Growing up as a first-generation child was difficult, my parents did all they could to always provide shelter and comfort, but it was never truly stable due to job loss and other tribulations. It is a unique experience that I believe has made me realize the importance of family; as long as I am able to be with my family, I will always be home.


Higher bid – $20 by LACCC Team

Mabel – Magaly Morales

I am a first-generation student of two Salvadorian immigrants. I am blessed enough to not have had the same struggles they did at my age.

My painting is named Mabel after my aunt who died on her journey to the US. She was dehydrated and her group left her there. When they came back, she was found dead. Her coyote, the person who was supposed to bring her here safely, left her to die. And that’s the case for many people who try to cross the border the same way she did. The coyote symbolizes how dangerous coyotes really are as well as the journey itself.


Higher bid – $25 by LACCC Team

Women Empowerment – Dizolele Muntu

My artwork shows African-American women empowerment and how we all come in different skin colors, different hairstyles, but we are all beautiful in our own way. You can see my culture clothes Angola and how we dress.


Higher bid – $30 by Pat Martinez

A Leap into the Coral Reef – Alexis Bernales-Gonzalez Pablo

To use as an example of how illegal immigrants from Latin American countries live in America and the pros and cons of it. As you can see the water represents America, where the fishes are thriving, they’re hiding behind plants as an example of how they usually are in hiding about who they really are because of fear of being taken away, one fish is looking at a fish being caught by a fishnet, and being raised into to surface.

This represents the fear of being a descendant of immigrants because you’re scared that one day they will take your loved ones away to a place they can hardly thrive in (fish can’t survive without water). I used clownfish because of how clownfish look alike but they can come from different habitats/environments just like Hispanic/Latinos who mostly look alike but come from different countries with different cultures.

I drew a portrait of me into the water as a way of showing my imagination about the struggles/experience of being a descendant of illegal immigrants.


Higher bid – $55 by Cord Bailey

Brianna Sosa-Trejo

I am a Mexican American junior in high school currently living in Hendersonville, NC. I am a self-taught artist that has been painting and drawing since I can remember. My parents, both incredibly hardworking immigrants, have given everything to grant me the opportunity to follow my passions and tell my story.

As a first-generation student in the public school system, I’ve always been put in the middle of two worlds. Either speak English or be punished. Work for honors, or be a failure. The school system has instilled in me the idea of never being good enough unless I give myself, and ultimately, my passions up. This piece shows the stress, pain, and heartbreak of not belonging, working towards a seemingly unattainable dream, and falling apart. By giving myself, my culture, and sanity away, I am barely able to grasp “good enough” in our school system.


Higher bid – $85 by Luis Miranda