Mario Mendigaña


Mario Mendigaña – Elite Touch Cleaning Services, Inc.

Elite Touch Cleaning Services is an American success story. It’s a story that begins in Ecuador where Mario Mendigaña and his family operated a small business. Mario was responsible for almost every aspect of the business: sales, production, distribution and more. In 2001, after 15 years of being independent business owners, the economy and political situation in Ecuador prompted the family to close the business. It was then that Mario decided to make his move to America.


With $250 in his pocket and no friends or family for support, Mario came to the US and quickly found employment in Charlotte, NC. For many years he worked two jobs. In 2007, after six years of hard work and determination, Mario was able to establish his own commercial cleaning business, Elite Maintenance II. In the early days of the company, Mario held onto his day job and focused on his commercial cleaning business at night. He has worked industriously over the years to grow the business while maintaining his high standards and commitment to excellent customer service.


Now called Elite Touch Cleaning Services, the business is thriving and has an extensive client list. The company is growing rapidly and continues to hire dedicated new employees to meet the increasing demand for the superior cleaning services that Elite Touch provides.